Warriors Origin Story

All their lives, Florence and Fox dreamed of becoming Warriors. They were the stuff of legends, the heroes that saved the world from doom. The young friends wanted to help the others stop tyrannical dragons and protect their countries.

Florence was a wizard, capable of creating flames and lightning with her hands. Fox was a skilled swordsman, with a trusty steed by his side. The two went on adventures together in their backyard. These days were fun, and it seemed like they would never end.

But one day it did. Bandits attacked their small town, setting it on fire. Fox’s parents rushed Fox and Florence into what looked like an abandoned cellar, wrapped them up in blankets, and rushed back outside to join the fight.

Fox and Florence shivered as the cold settled in. Fox’s parents had been away for hours at least, and they hadn't heard anything from them or Florence’s parents. They were both getting very scared, but even then, Florence stood up and stomped her feet on the ground.

“We are warriors, Fox!” She exclaimed. “We can save our village and become heroes, too.”

Even though Fox didn’t have as much confidence as his friend, he stood on shaky knees. She always inspired him to become better and stronger. “You’re right,” he said. “We can do this. We can… be warriors.”

A pile of blankets in the corner of the cellar began to glow. Florence pushed the blankets aside to find a sword and a wand, both gleaming with light. They began to hover in the air as the two stared openly.

A voice echoed from inside of the artifacts: “You are warriors, strong and able,” it said.

They both nodded, Fox taking the sword and Florence taking the wand. As soon as they held them, any remaining fear disappeared from their bodies. The two rushed out of the cellar, ready to face the bandits that were burning their village.

Florence rushed home, Fox close behind her. They found that her house hadn’t been burned yet, but two bandits were in the process of carrying away her family’s safe, where they kept their savings. Florence spotted her parents tied up to the bandits’ wagon along with Fox’s parents.

Florence knew exactly what she was going to do. She raised the wand and waved her hand as a burst of bright white energy surged from her. The two bandits hardly had time to react before they were launched into the front of the house and knocked out cold.

“Wow!” Florence whispered to herself, stunned by her new abilities. As she marveled at the wand in her hand, she heard a snap behind her and quickly turned around.

A third bandit was sneaking up on her, his weapon raised to strike. Before she or the bandit could do anything, Fox shoved his way between them and drew his sword, the power of an ancient hero radiating off of him.

The bandit thought for a moment before deciding that the odds were against him — he turned around and fled.

Fox and Florence nodded and ran to the wagon, untying their parents.

“You’re doing amazing,” said Florence’s mom, patting both of their heads. “Now let us help.”

Their parents all grabbed their own weapons and rejoined the fight. As wave after wave of bandits appeared, Fox and Florence did not feel any fear; they knew that they had the power of their new weapons along with each other and their parents to watch their backs.

The six of them clashed with the bandits for almost an hour before the bandits realized they weren’t backing down any time soon.

Finally, with her hands raised in the air, their leader said “alright, alright, we submit — we’ll leave.” The other bandits looked at her and nodded, backing away cautiously before putting away their weapons and running.

The story of the children reached far and wide. The King eventually heard of these new heroes and visited them, inviting them to join his team of Warriors. They still had much to learn, but they were ready.

Florence and Fox became the legends they dreamed about all their lives by protecting their families and working as a team. Now, they pass on the title of “Warrior” to those that protect the people they care about and lead their teams to victory.

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