Strikers Origin Story

On the moon is the Space Academy, where talented children are trained to protect everyone on Earth from all threats in the galaxy. After years of trying out, Kayla was finally accepted. She was strong, agile, and smart, and she trained every day to become better.

She spent a lot of time reading books and using simulators. Her tests were always at the top of her class, and many people knew she was going to be something special. She piloted a Starship as if she had been doing it since she was a baby. Her movements were smooth, and she could think quickly out in space.

However, in order to become the next Striker — the defender of the galaxy — she would have to be the best in the whole solar system.

The day before their competition, a ship arrived from Mars. A boy her age climbed out and held out his hand, which she shook.

“Hello, Earthling. My name is Leo; I’m here to prepare for tomorrow’s competition.

“Hi, Leo,” she said. “I’m Kayla.”

It seemed like Leo wanted to get to know her, but Kayla was too nervous about the competition to hang out. Instead, she took her starship out into space to keep practicing.

While she was out, she saw something weird in the distance. She used her ship’s cameras to zoom in on it and gasped. There was a large asteroid heading right for Earth!

She measured its size and found that it was big enough to tear the planet apart. She quickly called back to the Space Academy and told them what she found before setting off towards the asteroid.

Kayla knew that this was her moment; all her training had led to this. Once she was close enough, she charged the energy cannons on her Starship, ready to hit the large asteroid and shatter it to pieces.

The shot hit the asteroid, but the beam was too weak to do any serious damage. She watched it fly past her and she became scared that she couldn't break it. She continued firing at it, but nothing was making any dent.

As she watched it, another shot hit it. She adjusted her cameras and zoomed in and found that Leo was also there, trying to help her. His shots also weren’t making a dent. She flew her Starship up to his and spoke to him over the radio:

“Nothing is making a dent, it’s no use,” she said sadly.

Leo replied over the radio: “Let’s combine our power, then,” he suggested. “If we fire at the same time and our shots cross, they could combine and generate enough force to redirect the asteroid.”

Kayla was unsure, but if there was a chance that they could save Earth, she wanted to try it. “Okay, I’m charging my cannons.”

The two focused their energy, putting all their effort into lining their shots up just right. They counted down over the radio and fired at the same time. The shots combined mid-flight, creating a larger beam much stronger than anything they had made before.

The beam knocked the asteroid to the side, aiming it out of the solar system. They both cheered over the radios and thanked one another.

The next day, the retiring Striker arrived at the Space Academy and looked over the contestants: Kayla, Leo, and the students from the other six planets all stood in a row in front of her.

“Ma’am, do we have to compete?” asked Kayla.

The retiring striker looked confused. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Do you want to quit?”

“No, ma’am,” said Kayla. “But after Leo and I worked together to deflect the asteroid yesterday, I’ve started to think that there’s no point in only having one Striker. We would be much more powerful if there were a team of us. Why couldn’t all eight of us be Strikers together?”

The retiring Striker thought about this for a long time before smiling. “You know what,” she said, “you’re right. There’s no point in that. Congratulations — I declare you all to be the first team of Strikers that the galaxy has ever seen.”

Kayla, Leo, and their teammates went on to protect the galaxy from anything that the universe threw at it.

Their courage, strength, and quick thinking have made them famous on every planet; any team that carries their name is known to be powerful and reliable.

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