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Storm United Origin Story

In a small village, two best friends named Declan and Layla grew up with a unique kind of power. The others in the village knew there was something different about them, but they turned their backs on them. When the rest of the village gathered to play games and kick balls around, Declan and Layla were usually left out.

Even though the two friends were lonely, they had each other and they had peaceful homes to return to every night. Their village was built from huts that were warm and cozy.

However, their peaceful village was facing a new kind of problem: a once-in-a-lifetime storm. Dark clouds rolled through the sky, crackling with lightning and booming with thunder.

The villagers knew their huts would not be strong enough to make it through the storm. Many people were gathering supplies to try to strengthen their homes, and some others had already sat down and given up. Layla and Declan weren’t with them.

In the center of the village, Layla and Declan stood together, watching the clouds. They weren’t scared and they hadn’t given up; they knew they had something that the others didn’t.

Their sparks of magic had been with them since they were born. Layla had magic running in her veins — she could feel her power grow even stronger than the wind on the horizon.

Declan could connect with nature; plants and animals would whisper secrets to him that no one else could hear. The other children thought it was weird, but Layla always understood.

“We can save our village,” Declan whispered, only loud enough for Layla to hear.

She clenched her fist and nodded with a smile. “We can stop this,” she agreed, trying to hide her excitement as the rain moved closer.

Declan took Layla’s hand and knelt to the ground, placing his other palm on the dirt. He could feel the Earth’s energy coursing through him, sending its power to help the village.

Layla was summoning her own power when she felt Declan’s strength surge through their connected hands, creating a feeling of strength that she had never felt before.

With their power mixing together, they both began glowing with a warm light. The nearby villagers gasped, but their shock soon turned into a feeling of peace that they didn’t understand.

With a wave of Layla’s hand, the earth moved — rocks sprung up out of the ground, creating a large wall to stop the storm from battering their village.

With a wave of Declan’s hand, trees and vines grew quickly towards the rock wall. The plants tangled themselves into the rocks, strengthening the wall.

With the rocks and plants combined, the wall grew, circling the village and getting taller and taller. Soon enough, all that the villagers could see of the sky was a small circle above them. They couldn’t see the storm any more, but they could still hear its howling wind.

After a minute of quiet, everyone heard and felt the wind and water crash into the wall. Rain splattered over the wall, sprinkling their heads. Some villagers hid in their huts, scared of what would come next.

However, even while the storm howled outside, only a tiny bit of rain made it over the wall. Declan and Layla stayed calm, their hands held tight and their bodies softly glowing, pushing their power into the wall.

The storm continued outside for a long time. Declan and Layla held up the wall for hours, giving the rest of the villagers plenty of time to get over their surprise and accept their strange but powerful gifts. Finally, the winds got quieter and stopped. Layla and Declan sighed, letting the wall melt back into the earth.

The villagers began to cheer, thanking them for keeping them safe. To celebrate, the town gathered for a round of games and let Layla and Declan be the team captains. Instead of being left out, this time they got to make sure everyone was included.

They put a ball in the middle of town and had fun kicking it around and scoring goals until sunset, when they all celebrated with a big feast.

The storm had threatened to tear their village apart, but in the end, it brought them together.

Since then, the village has been known as Storm United, and their name, story, and love for sports have spread throughout the world.

This unshakeable town has now given their strength to a soccer team with the same name.

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