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Rockets United

Life was slow on Raf’s farm. While this was good for relaxing, it got boring quickly. He spent most of his days watching sheep and tending to his animals with his sheepdog, Ham.

On days when Raf and Ham got too bored, they would visit their neighbor Stella.

Stella spent most of her days locked up in a workshop her dad built. There, she experimented with numerous things and was very fond of chemistry, just like her parents.

Some of Raf and Ham’s favorite days were spent trying out her experiments — whether it was water that changed your voice or handmade soap, it was always more entertaining than sheep.

One day, Stella had another one of her unusual ideas.

“I want to fly,” she said. “I know — I can make your sheep fly, and then we can go anywhere!”

Raf laughed. “That sounds fun, but is it possible?”

“Anything is possible with us!” Stella declared. Ham barked. “See?” Stella said. “Ham agrees!”

For weeks, Stella experimented with various chemicals and elements, trying her best to make something float. Raf even bought her fireworks to see if they helped. The two spent most evenings experimenting with trusty Ham at their side.

The results were mostly hilarious at the start. They accidentally turned one bottle purple, another bottle into a liquid, and a tin can into a pile of rust. Overall, while it was fun, the experiments didn’t amount to much of anything.

It took them weeks to finally see some progress. Stella bottled up their latest test and set it on the table, but when she turned back to grab it, it was floating a few inches above the table. She and Raf gasped and Ham barked excitedly. It was finally the progress that they were looking for!

Raf took home some of their first successful batch, zipping it into his jacket pocket while he cleaned the barn. It was a late night and, while he was cleaning the sheep’s water trough, he accidentally used some of the chemicals instead of soap.

He scrubbed it out as well as he could and figured it would be alright.

However, the next morning, he found that all of his sheep were floating five feet above the ground! Not knowing what to do, Raf tied ropes to his sheep’s feet to keep them from flying away and led them over to Stella’s house.

Stella was elated. “Raf, this is perfect! This was the goal the whole time!” she said, clapping her hands together.

“Now that we know it works, we can perfect it and bring it to science fairs… who knows what kinds of scientific breakthroughs this could lead to?”

Raf and Stella nicknamed their floating sheep their “Rockets” and began formally testing their serum under the team name “Rockets United”.

Soon enough, scientists from around the world were contacting them about their serum and their sheep — it was the biggest scientific discovery of the century!

Raf and Stella expanded “Rockets United” and now use the name freely to describe any group that has a team spirit and the willpower to keep trying when things don’t go right on the first try.

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