Hornets Origin Story

The plants were dying off, and no one knew why. Chelsea, who had long been taking care of the gardens of their city, grew concerned.

Something was happening deep within their forests and she had to find out what. Her brother Xander insisted that she shouldn’t go, but she eventually convinced him to let her travel on the condition that he would come along.

The two traveled deep into the forest, where the once-lush green scenery was now a pale, dying land. It was scary, but this only further encouraged the siblings to find out what was going on.

Even Xander, who hadn’t wanted Chelsea to go, hated the idea of turning back at this point.

Eventually, they found a glade that was still slightly alive, but it was also fading. They rested here, and as they did, a large hornet queen appeared before them.

Vincent was startled at first, but Chelsea calmed him.

“Children, you’ve come at a sad time,” she said, her voice buzzing softly. “This forest is dying, and death is spreading throughout the land.

My power is fading… yet you seem to be okay. Please, reverse this. Travel to the Spring of Life, and take water from it. Feed it to the glade here, so life may spread and resurrect the plants.”

Chelsea nodded. “Yes, your majesty. We’ll do our best. Please, go rest.”

The hornet queen flew back to shelter and Vincent stood, nodding to Chelsea. “We’d better get going, then,” he said.

For days, they traveled across rivers and mountains, through rain and snow. If one of them ever felt like giving up, the other would squeeze their hand and encourage them to continue.

By the time they reached their destination, they did not know how long it had been. However, they had finally reached the Spring of Life.

It was unlike anything they’d seen before. There were flowers in every shade, butterflies and birds flying around, and rabbits and deer resting by the waters. As the siblings stood, awestruck, they heard a familiar buzzing. A large queen hornet emerged from the plants.

“Hello, children,” she said in an oddly comforting tone. “Feel free to drink from the water and take what you need back to your homes.”

“Did you know we were coming?” Chelsea asked.

The hornet queen nodded. “My sister warned me, yes. Please, hurry — she needs your help.”

When Xander and Chelsea drank from the fountain, they felt energy they had never experienced before. It felt like they could walk back home in a single step, or that they could even fly home.

Xander pulled Chelsea’s watering can from his backpack and filled it from the fountain.

Surely enough, their journey home felt much shorter. They used the watering can to sprinkle life back into bushes, trees, flowers, grasses, and more.

They watched the color seep back into the land, and before long, the hornet queen re-appeared, much more energetic than before.

“Children!” she sang. “You’ve saved my forest. I could never be more thankful. From here on, you and your descendants will be honorary Hornets and respected by my hive.”

As honorary Hornets, Xander and Chelsea kept the forest safe.

They’ve passed their title down through generations, and now those who carry the name understand that it comes with the responsibility to protect the land around them, even if it feels like an impossible task.

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