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Force City Origin Story

Once upon a time, there was a place called Force City. There were stories about its golden days, when the city was healthy, happy, and prospering. However, for as long as anyone in the city could remember, it had been sad and quiet.

The only part of the city left over from its golden days was a mysterious tower in the city center. It was tradition for everyone to gather around it each season and remind themselves that they could find comfort and happiness again.

Many people also used this time to theorize about the tower. There were stories that it held the treasure they needed to bring comfort to the city again, and rumors that whoever found a way inside would be granted power over the city. However, the tower had no doors or windows to enter through. Many had tried to find a way in, but nobody had managed it.

These rumors piqued the curiosity of two young neighbors, Alexa and Leon. Alexa spent her mornings combing through her parents’ old library looking for clues about the tower, and Leon spent his mornings wandering the streets, listening in on other people’s conversations to see what he could learn.

In the evenings, they sat in their yards, compared their notes, and discussed what they would do with the wealth and power inside.

“I would use the wealth and power to make sure everyone in the city could be comfortable and happy again,” Alexa said.

“If you spent it all on yourself, you could live like a queen,” Leon pointed out.

Alexa shook her head. “No, making sure everyone has food is more important than that.”

Leon nodded. “We probably wouldn’t be able to get in, though. I heard a guard say the last leader of the city in the golden age, Arnold Force, hid the key in a big, scary dungeon where it’s guarded by a monster.”

“Why?” Alexa asked.

“He probably wanted to live like a king all by himself. He was a bad leader.”

“Yes, he was,” Alexa agreed. “I need to go, though. I’ll see you at the Northern Lights tomorrow!”

Leon nodded. “See you then!”

The Northern Lights festival was one of the only other times that the entire city gathered in one place, along the Northern wall of the city, to watch the sky change colors.

The next day, Leon was looking for his festival clothes when he found a hatch in the floor. Inside, he found a very old book written in another language. He brought it to Alexa right away.

Alexa recognized the writing and brought Leon to her parents’ library. She pulled down a red book and opened it to a page of similar writing. Her book had notes that helped them translate Leon’s book.

The book told a story just like the one he’d overheard about Arnold Force stashing the key in a dungeon. However, it didn’t end there. Alexa read the last part out loud:

“The key at the Citadel was a fake. Arnold Force spread the rumors about it on purpose to distract people from the real way to enter the tower: by being there at the right time.

The tower opens when the skies burn bright with color. Arnold Force began the tradition of gathering along the Northern edge of the city when the Northern lights appeared to make sure nobody would be around the tower when it opened.”

They gasped in surprise.

“That’s tonight! Let’s go!” Alexa exclaimed.

The city was empty as they approached the tower. Just as the book had said, under the bright-colored sky, two doors glowed softly on the tower. Leon opened them and they both cheered as they saw the treasures inside. It was filled with gold and long-lost artifacts.

“We can feed the whole city with this much money!” Leon exclaimed.

Alexa looked around the tower and saw a portrait of Arnold Force hanging over the doors. “You may have brought down the city with the force of greed, but we’ll bring it back with the force of community,” she said to the painting.

With the wealth and power stored away in the tower, Alexa and Leon brought a new life to the city and began the next golden age.

Their strength and companionship has been passed down through generations of cities, communities, and teams.

Anyone who carries the name of Force City protects the people around them using kindness, teamwork, and creative thinking.

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