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Eagle City Origin Story

Eagle Village was truly beautiful. Eagles of all ages lived together in this small community of trees, branches, and trunks.

Among these many eagles were two young birds named Summer and Theo.

Summer was a genius of her time, capable of creating inventions from the most mundane things.

From a young age, she learned to pick things apart and learn how they worked. This taught her to create unique combinations, making the most unusual of creations.

When the wiser eagles discovered her talents, they quickly took her under their wings. Since then, she’d been developing ways to make life easier for the Eagles.

One soldier whose life she impacted was a young bird named Theo, a descendant of the most prestigious soldier eagles of his village.

A combination of genetics and talent had him well on his way to becoming the village’s strongest protector against their longest rivals, the snakes.

The snakes had always been bothering Eagle Village. They attacked constantly, taking eggs and any other valuable things they could.

Theo and Summer had grown up hiding from snakes, but as they developed their skills, they became closer and closer to being able to stand up to them.

As Summer got closer to finishing an invention that would protect her people from the snakes, the snakes got more aggressive.

To keep her safe, the elder Eagles assigned Theo to protect her while she worked.

Theo and Summer would laugh and joke while Summer tinkered, and over time, this led to a close friendship. However, Summer still wouldn’t tell Theo what she was building.

Theo still helped by bringing her the items she needed, though he didn’t understand what they were for.

One day, Summer finally finished her creation and showed it to Theo: it was a beautiful gold bracelet.

“What’s this?” he asked, confused.

Summer smiled. “It’s my masterpiece. Trust me, it’ll stop the snakes in their tracks next time we see them.”

Theo still didn’t understand, but he knew she had put a lot of time into the bracelet, so he wore it anyway.

It wasn’t long before the snakes attacked again. That night, as Theo and Summer were packing up to go home to their nests, the snakes slid right into the laboratory.

Before anyone could stop them, they had smashed Summer’s prototypes. However, they didn’t know that the final version was already done.

“Theo, press the button on the bracelet!” she exclaimed.

Theo hit the button and the bracelet grew, wrapping itself around him in a beautiful suit of armor. It transformed him into an elegant eagle robot, much taller than the snakes.

They tried to bite him, but their fangs didn’t make a mark.

Theo used his sword and scared away the snakes faster than ever. They never returned, and the Eagle Village prospered.

Since their first trial was a success, Summer continued making these bracelets to help the other Eagle communities nearby.

Before long, their communities all grew and joined into one powerful city known as Eagle City.

Today, the representatives of Eagle City protect one another, keeping each other safe and supporting their teammates with cutting-edge strategies.

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