Women In Football Partnership

Evo League is a proud partner of Women In Football.

Women in Football is a network of professionals working in and around the football industry who support and champion their peers.

While we know there has been significant progress in women’s participation in football and great strides have been made, we know that there is still much more to do.

Evo League has joined their global campaign to #GetOnside by creating a dedicated league for the development of youth teams in Australia with gender equality at the forefront.

Celebrating women’s achievement

Women in Football champions female talent in a bid to bring about a change in attitudes to women working in the industry.

Whether we are celebrating some of football’s earliest female pioneers such as Manchester City’s 1880 founding member Anna Connell, or professional football’s first female physio, Judith Lo, or nominating female employees for Queen’s Honours or industry awards, we are dedicated to celebrating the many contributions by women to our national game.

Challenging discrimination

WIF aims to improve women’s representation at all levels of the game by challenging discrimination and lobbying for change.

The 2014, 2016 and most recent 2020 WiF Surveys highlighted that there is much work still to do in key areas such as widening the talent pool of diverse women across the game, achieving gender balance on boards and committees and instilling confidence in reporting discriminatory behaviour and abuse.

Women In Football