About Evo League

"Our mission is to provide the best football experience for our players, teams, and fans."

Welcome to Evo League, a premium indoor youth football, AKA soccer league, and we combine the power of funding and sports with life skills to help local communities grow.

The problem we found after both playing in youth sports growing up and now having our children play is the lack of support that junior teams get, as most clubs, not all, but most have a primary focus on their senior teams.

So that comes with a lack of funding that goes towards the juniors. As their fees go towards supporting the senior teams, the junior teams are being run by volunteers, which is great, but these volunteers are time-poor and are often filling in the spot as a coach, etc, because they have no one else to put their hand up.

So there's a critical lack of experience coaching in our youth teams. And they're not able to develop the skills that they need as they grow older and want to pursue a career in this sport.

And again, so many clubs, not all, but unfortunately too many. These days are full of politics and internal crap that makes it hard to make simple decisions to move their club forward.

So with this, we thought, what if we had a clean slate?

What if we were able to build our own league, one that is solely focused on the youth? To not only develop their skills but also equip them with life skills. So they're ready for the future.

We surveyed over 1000 families whose kids play or are about to play youth sports from across Australia and the United States.

And the survey says parents want these key things;

Trained coaches

And to build an amazing network of passionate and skilled coaches, we have partnered with traniual.

Traniual is a platform that enables us to deliver bite-size education and the ability to certify our coaches, which we call game leaders in the Evo way.

There will be refresher courses regularly to ensure they are on the top of their game, which will flow onto the players.

Next is a safe and welcoming environment with no room for conflict.

And we're able to deliver this with our partnership with life changer, life changer is founded and run by ex-AFL St Kilda coach Scott Waters.

They leverage athletes from all over the world. From different codes to develop and deliver video coaching on how to mentally prepare the youth for the future and build resilient good humans.

Life changer provides paid content, which usually costs clubs and schools thousands of dollars at no cost to the Evo league community.

So parents and guardians can watch these videos with their families when and if needed.

Next are shorter seasons, with a mid-year break to coincide with school terms.

Season one will fall in line with terms one and two with 16 games.

Season two begins after the winter school holiday, providing options for parents and guardians to have their kids play one or both seasons and making it more cost affordable, which we'll discuss later.

Next up, and a big one, is to be treated equally.

There are no team presidents or committees.

Each of our six teams for our age groups will be looked after by the Evo league crew, whose sole goal is to treat each team equally.

Each team will have the same amount of funding and support.

No player, no parent will be treated differently from another.

Fair play is in the DNA of Evo league from the ground up. To deliver this, we are launching six teams with great branding and kits supplied by Ultra Football and Adidas with supporter merchandise available so they can get involved.

Next was the ability to use sport to teach important life skills.

Skills not taught in schools, such as financial literacy, and to make it more than just the game.

So to deliver this, we have partnered with Project Gen Z and My Budget to offer these financial literacy products at no cost to the Evo league members ranging from five to 10 through to 11 and 17.

The survey also raised that parents want sporting clubs to have a positive impact, not just in their community but on the environment.

And one of our initiatives is to put our money where our mouth is and donate 1% of our revenue towards emerging carbon removal technology to help build a better future.

An overwhelming response was to have an indoor environment with an outdoor feeling.

Weather shall stop no game with Evo league.

And to deliver this, we are launching a world cup quality indoor stadium while providing a premier league feeling; they'll feel like they're walking onto Stamford Bridge or the San Siro.

You won't be able to wipe the smiles off their face.

And to continue from where the survey left off, what the participants generally want, is a better experience for players and supporters.

And we have some amazing things planned.

Starting with training and game time, changing up the typical training and game day experience.

Instead, every session will combine both, with 20 minutes of training followed by a 40-minute game where you can take what has been taught in training straight into the game environment versus another team.

And for those parents and guardians.

We have not forgotten about you. We're gonna be providing better facilities.

We have you covered with barista-grade coffee and healthy food options. Sitting in standing areas along with wifi if you need to get that last-minute email out.